Project Management

Each of the numerous participants in construction process of planning, designing, financing, constructing and operating physical facilities has a different perspective on construction project management, and Yenn Dar understands how the different parts of the process fit together.

With more than 30 years of mechanical engineering construction project experiences and established networks of suppliers and subcontractors, we focus our attention on the complete process of project management and installation.

We have successfully delivered mechanical and process projects in the Semi-Conductor, Pharmaceutical Industry, Construction and Maintenance industries that are cost effective, completed on time and satisfy all our clients’ expectations.

Safety Team

We proactively engage all necessary resources and implement a framework and programme to prevent ill-health, injury and pollution in our workplaces, as we believe that Environmental Health and Safety of our Personnel, Subcontractors, and environment shall be of equal importance to that of quality and cost in the construction process and related activities.

We will comply with applicable local Legislative Requirements and Other Requirements that the Company subscribes to; and continually improve the Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Performances, Management and Practices in our Company.

We will review this Policy periodically to reflect the fast changing local and world environments affecting our engineering construction business. This Policy is communicated and made available to Staff and Subcontractors as well.

We place great importance on workplace safety. Having our people to return home safe and well at the end of the day is a key priority of top management. Concerted efforts are made to instil safety values across all levels of the organisation.

Safety values employed by the Group in its business operations include selecting subcontractors and suppliers with good safety records, briefing all staff on safe work practices, and carry out regular safety audits to ensure safety compliance on-site at all times. As a result of these initiatives, our Safety team has been certified under the internationally recognised Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate (OHSAS 18001) for its efforts in managing health and safety risks in the working environment to protect employees and customers at all times.

Quality Team

Comply with ISO 9001:2015 standards, the quality system we adopt across every aspect of our business activities was the first quality system to be certified in Singapore for building and civil engineering contracting. All quality team member are trained and certified by 3rd party professional respectively. Its effectiveness is evaluated by an independent team of qualified professionals within Yenn Dar, and has given rise to a strong quality culture within our workforce. Our engineering construction teams are trained to meet the stringent quality control guidelines of Quality Mark, with numerous completed projects consistently.

Design Team

Working closely with clients, our team of professional combines lean construction systems and value-engineering technique to optimize the value of projects by crafting a mix of function and cost, thereby removing unnecessary expenditure and increasing the value for our customers.

Our project teams carefully consider all aspects of the project, i.e. cost reduction, value-added, life-cycle analysis, safety provision and maintainability, when making value engineering proposals to our client. This project management technique addresses all aspects of a building lifecycle from initial construction through sustainability of material used and utility efficiency of the completed project.

To bring further ‘value-add’ to all our construction undertakings, we reduce environmental pollutions, and improve occupational health and safety performance.

Workforce and Support

Well organized with strong project installation team with fully committed and responsible not only the on-time project completion, but also meet the quality standard required by clients. 90% of workforce are skilled workers (core trade workers), foreman and supervisors with relevant skill such as Carbon steel & Stainless Steel welding, pipe fittings, plumbing & sanitary, and steel structure works. Yenn Dar own 2 factories which is 5076 sqm size factory @ No. 21 Woodlands Terrace, and 2056 sqm size factory at No.9 Woodlands Sector 1 with 8 ton overhead crane, fork lifts and equipment which can support for fabrication of ferrous, non-ferrous, and thermoplastic material. Yenn Dar has set up individual Procurement team, Purchase team, Accounts team, Administration team, IT team and Store management team which support company’s smooth and efficient operation to meet customer’s satisfactory.