Water Closet (WC)

  1. Clearing of choke, if needed, using pressure jet and/or cleaning equipment
  2. Changing of sensor flush valve parts and cleaning of valves strainers.
  3. Adjusting of water flow to flush valves
  4. Checking of water cistern water level to prevent over flow
  5. Changing of float valves

Urinal (UR)

Item 1 to 3 of WC


Wash Basin (WB)

  1. Changing of taps and adjusting of water flow
  2. Clearing of bottle trap choke
  3. Changing of flexible hose due to wear and tear


Underground pipe works

  1. High pressure jet to clear choke/ cleaning of underground pipe work.
  2. PH monitoring system check and maintenance and service.
  3. Painting of MH cover.

Pipe works

  1. Repairing/replacing HDDI, Copper, Stainless Steel, Hubless cast Iron, uPVC, PPR material pipe
  2. Greasing of valves and checking of leakages
  3. Painting works.
  4. Pressure testing if nececssary.


  1. Replacing/Repairing of toilet accessories (e.g. mirror, soap dispenser, hand dryer, & etc)
  2. 24 hours emergency response services. Any changes or repair work will be evaluated and provided with estimated cost. For and emergency services, writing confirmation to be obtained from client upon arrival to site prior to performing any repair or servicing works.
  3. Labour cost incurred during emergency response shall be calculated based on agreed unit rates stated in the