The maintenance works covered by us consist of the supply of all tools, apparatus, equipment, labour, consumable material, testing and measurement instruments and other necessary incidentals for servicing and maintenance of the following equipment:

  1. Cooling Tower
  2. Chiller
  3. Centrifugal Pump
  4. Air-con Unit
  5. MAU
  6. FCU
  7. Spilt Unit

Our servicing and maintenance works are performed by qualified workman in the servicing, maintenance and repair or replacement of equipment and components of all mechanical equipment listed above.

We shall advise the owner/client in writing the cost of any defect in any part of the Equipment or Ancillary equipment detected during the routine servicing and maintenance or emergency repair service, together with the cost for rectification work and spare parts.

Upon receiving the written confirmation from the owner/client, we shall then proceed with the rectification work. We will not carry out any repair, renewal and replacement to the installations without the consent and approval of the owner/client.

As part of the maintenance service, we shall provide comprehensive checklists (please see attached some of our checklists used in our maintenance works). These checklists shall be completed and endorsed by our authorized person/s and the owner/client.

We also provide 24 hour emergency response services by our Emergency Response Team (ERT) for all the abovestated equipment. A detailed description on ERT is provided in the next few pages.

Detailed works carried out in our maintenance scope include:

Air-cooled spilt units

  1. Wash and clean the condenser unit.
  2. Check compressor and condenser operation components.
  3. Check and clean the motor fan.
  4. Check pipe works and secure them where necessary.
  5. Check insulation for any leaks or condensation.
  6. Top up refrigerant if inadequate.
  7. Check electrical control panel for any defective parts, tighten any loose wirings terminal and clean the entire panels and accessories, replace indicator bulbs if found defective.
  8. Vacuum drain pipes.
  9. Check & clean, all the calibrate temperature controllers and sensors.
  10. Check & record the current load of the condenser unit.
  11. Brush and clean the Cooling Coil.
  12. Comb all dented fins of coils.
  13. Clean condenser coil with chemicals if required.

Air Handling/ Fan Coil Units/ Process Cooling Units

  1. Clean FCU/s coil with chemicals if required.
  2. Clean external casing and fan blades.
  3. Lubricate moving parts and fan blades.
  4. Inspect and adjust fan and pulley drives.
  5. Check and tighten all bolts, sel screws, foundation bolts, spring isolators.
  6. Inspect and clean cooling coils and aluminium tins.
  7. Inspect and test all motorised valves.
  8. Inspect and clean fan housing, fan scroll, drain pans and secondary drains.
  9. Check and purge air from coils.
  10. Vacuum drain pipe.
  11. Inspect and clean motor, carbon brushes/slip rings.
  12. Check the operation of isolator and starter, inspect the condition against corrosion.
  13. Check electrical control panel for any defective parts, lighten any loose wirings terminal and clean the entire panels & accessories, replace indicator bulbs of found defective.
  14. Clean and wipe all drip pans.
  15. Vacuum drain pipes.
  16. Check & clean, all the calibrate thermostats and sensors.


  1. Inspect and clean valve and damper motor linkages and adjust when necessary.
  2. Inspect and adjust all control valves.
  3. Clean all water strainers.
  4. Clean drip pan and condensate drains.
  5. Check pump and blower bearings for correct lubrication and adjustment.
  6. Inspect sweep clean and wash the condenser unit surrounding area.
  7. Adjust tension on all belts and investigate all instances of abnormal wear.
  8. Inspect pipe works systems. Investigate and rectify any leaks and abnormal vibrations. Tighten any loose hangers, supports and brackets.
  9. Check vibration isolators for correct action and setting.
  10. Check operation of centralized controlling and monitoring, and remote controlling and indicating systems.
  11. Clean all filters and strainers by changing over an operating unit with the Standby unit.
  12. Clean all components parts of equipment and check for corrosion and touch up as required.
  13. Check the suction and discharge pressures to ensure normal operating characteristics of pumps and compressors. Where abnormality exists, investigate, report and initiate remedial measures.
  14. Check & measure the air flow rating with instrument when is necessary required.


Our remedy action for ‘failure’ of Equipments (e.g. Pumps, AHU, FCU, Spilt Unit, Ventilation Fan Cooling Tower and Chillers: –

The affected equipment will be isolated and standby unit will be startup with owner’s engineers. We shall then investigate the nature of problem and inform owner/client accordingly. We will also: –

  • Check whether spare parts are available.
  • Immediate repair will be carried out if spare parts are available.
  • If spare parts are not available, alternate shut down date shall be arranged with client/owner.